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The Top Fuel Hydro Drag Boats are Here!
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Welcome to, home of Bad Ass Diecast, inc., makers of the BAD Top Fuel Hydro Drag Boat Series.

Coming Soon: 1:43 Scale and 1:18 Scale Single Prop Alcohol and Fuel Boats. Check back soon for more info and photos.

NOW AVAILABLE: Our new decal program has just release "Spirit of Texas" "Public Nuisance" and "Bad Boy - Problem Child" Click link on left to go to our store.

Use the 4 main links at the top of the page and a sub-menu will appear on the left side to navigate within that section. Products will take you to our new web store. Process will take you on a detailed tour of how we create the TFH Drag Boats. Profile features an in-depth look at Bad Ass Diecast, Inc. If you get lost, you can always click on the Bad Ass Graphic on the top left of every page.

We hope you find our new website informative and easy on the eyes. We have developed an all new web store that features our complete line of Bad Ass Top Fuel Hydro Drag Boats, as well as diecast collectibles from your favorite manufacturers.

Please contact us if you have any questions or cannot find what you're looking for in our web store


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